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Juan, CEO at Goldbar Luxury Homes

I just got done coaching with Ashton and what I can tell you is, her 1:1 coaching is absolutely incredible! If you're anyone that's in business or just looking to take your life to the next level you have to have a consultation with her. 

Mary, CEO at Social Practice

She really helped me break through some barriers that were holding me back to really having just the  confidence and  the motivation go ahead and launch. I highly suggest if you are looking to make a leap of faith in your life or career, she's your girl! 

Why I Hred a Business Coach Blog 

  • Blog: Why I hired a Business Coach
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Brandie, Mindset Coach & MLM Team Lead

I hit my goals this month! I signed up my 2nd teammates, earned my watch, and trip to Mexico. Next stop Lexus!


Hi I am Brandie Thomas, coming to you from Beautiful Puerto Vallarta, Mexico.. living out a dream vacation that Ashton helped me to achieve.


Ashton really helped me to see the value that I had, to get me out of a funk that I was in, and really just believe in myself again.

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Harvey, Real Estate Agent

I can't explain it but it feels different, I feel at one with myself...I feel free..I feel safe.. I feel like everything is going to be ok. For the record, your'e my MVP of the year! I can't imagine doing what I am doing now without crossing paths with wonder woman.

= Styles 

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Hanna, Servant Leader

Ashton is incredibly compassionate and an empathetic person and she created a safe place for me to let go of control, let my walls down, be vulnerable and trust her and the process. She is able to help transform lives, if you let her. I’m more than grateful that I let her help transform mine.


Kevin, 6 Figure Entrepreneur Coach 

Within just one conversation Ashton helped me decide to take action on something I knew would move my business and my life forward in an immense way. 

I feel like the leader that I know I'm meant to be now more than ever. I love how precise, direct and clear she is in her coaching while also holding an energy of love and care. Ashton is an absolute BOSS and I would not be where I am today without her support. 

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Sara, Area Manager

Ashton carefully listens and figures out what inspires and challenges me. She likes to get to the point and figure out what works for me. She is someone who can help you build on decision making skills and make life long positive changes. She will help you create realistic goals and plans that focus on your overall wellbeing. She has made a huge impact on my life!

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Angela, Owner of FireFly Life Coaching

I just want to say that Ashton is the absolute perfect person to work with if you are feeling stuck...She is THE person to help you get clear and teach you all of the tools and strategies that have changed my life.


Sergie, Egineer, Day Trader & Founder of 360 Phone Clip 

"Meant to tell you, it feels so awesome! The store went live today and it's a direct result of working with you! Can't believe it's already been 6. Not sure if I want this to end. This may need to become a regular thing. 

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Reba, Fitness Instructor

"The biggest challenge and growth Ashton helped me with was self acceptance and self worth. Before I met Ashton, I felt like what I was doing was NEVER enough, and I was constantly seeing the negative versus the positive.


Everything was always a competition and the comparison game which led to exhaustion and lack of energy by the end of the day. I was living life with a timeline which in the end, just lead to disappointment. 


I would recommend Ashton because of her experience and background, she can help you with your goals and what you want to achieve in life. 

Brian, CEO 

I just had my first coaching session with Ashton and it was phenomenal! No BS, within the last 3 hours I've had major breakthroughs. In understanding of what I am trying to do, what I am trying to accomplish and how I can live a life of intention to receive the abundance that is surrounding all of us. So guys - highly highly recommend Ashton really knows her sh*t and like I said, in three hours complete breakthroughs. It's amazing! 

Tony, Co-Founder 


Forbes Accredited Marketing Agency

If you are looking to take yourself and your business to the next level I highly recommend reaching out to her and using her to help you get to that next level.

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Adam, Meditation Specialist 

I've got to say that there was about a breakthrough per minute with the whole room. With me personally, I saw things, parts of myself that I had been suppressing that needed to come out.

I feel so much more in alignment with myself, my values, and my legacy, and everything that I have been focused on is so crystal clear for me right now. 

Jessica, Life & Clutter Coach

I honestly thought I was just signing up for business coaching, but I got so much more than that! Ashton helped me to unlock the things that were holding me back.

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Tracy, Dragonfly Souls Coaching

For me trust is something that is earned, and with Ashton I just felt that right away with her…I felt trust immediately which is not something that I typically do, but I just felt like I could really talk to her and she knew where I was coming from. I would recommend that you work with her to truly change your life. 


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Sara, Account Executive

I’m so grateful to have met Ashton. She has shown me ways of reframing the way I view life, and brings the right amount of positivity to the table that makes you realize anything is possible. I can’t thank her enough for her coaching and mentoring, and would recommend her to anyone looking to start working toward their best self.

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Veronica, Learning Facilitator

Ashton is exceptionally skilled at helping others dig underneath to discover what is their true purpose. She can definitely lead others into stepping out of comfort zones in order for them to experience personal and professional growth. Ashton has been key in guiding me through challenges, helping me to embrace them and use them as a force to achieve my goals."

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