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My Story (In a nutshell)  


The start was pretty messy. I was what one might call a school of hard knocks learner. By the age of 16, I went from being class president to landing myself in rehab. I was always a high performer with some serious self-sabotage running my life


I didn't realize how trauma, self-esteem, and, negative beliefs were impacting my life. They lead me to toxic/ abusive relationships, serious family conflicts, and playing rush and roulette with my future. 

Underneath my "I've got this mask"  and my high achievements I was actually barely surviving my crippling anxiety, panic attacks, fear, and self-doubt


I knew there had to be a better way. I hired mentors, coaches, and invested thousands upon thousand in my personal growth, healing, and certifications. By 2015 I started courageously pursuing my passions and purpose.


Since then, I've led hundreds of workshops and spoken on stages in front of hundreds of women.  


 I've been privileged to coach CEOs, Lawyers, Real Estate Agents, Entrepreneurs, Moms, Students, and more on their road to success and fulfillment.


I'm now a published author of a social emotional book for young girls. 


I'm happily married to my person -a highly respected Airforce officer and squadron commander. Who I am fully supported by in everyway imaginable. 


We lost our baby girl, Sage Alexis (39 1/2 weeks)and my father in 2022. So, I now can add thriving after unimaginable tragedy and loss to my remsume. 


Transforming your life, healing your past, and building your dreams are all possible no matter who you are or what has happened, and I am living proof.
I am committed to continuing to expand my capacity to
receive and hold joy, love, abundance, and success and I inspire and help others to do the same! 

How can I help? 

I serve as a catalyst for unlocking your potential, maximizing your performance, and scaling your impact as a leader. 

In our time together you will gain unparalleled clarity, life fulfillment, and strategy to reach your goals.

I am both a highly intuitive and exceptionally skilled coach that will help you to transcend fear, eliminate ineffective limiting beliefs, and create successful habits.

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